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Pop Rock Dance Music

There are many rock bands that exist since 1970s and 1980s. The first wel known Yugoslav rock bands were Smak, Time, Indexi, YU-Grupa and Korni-Grupa. The Golden age of Yugoslav rock music occurred during 1980s when Belgrade's New Wave music bands, Idoli, Šarlo Akrobata and Elektricni orgazam, Disciplina Kicme, Ekatarina Velika,Oktobar 1864 and Partibrejkers, drew new frontiers in musical expression. Their music is listened to mainly by the young urban population. Today, the most famous mainstream performers include Riblja corba, Bajaga i Instruktori and Van Gogh, while Rambo Amadeus and Darkwood Dub are the most prominent musicians of the alternative scene.

Pop music has been catching up with the popularity of folk in recent years. During the 90's, the majority of success achieved only pop and dance band Tap 011, Dr Iggy but today there are much more successful pop artists. Newer artists that perform this kind of music include: Negative, Vlado Georgiev, Nataša Bekvalac, Ana Stanic, Jelena Tomaševic, Night Shift, and Željko Joksimovic who was runner-up in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, along with old stars Ðorde Balaševic and Zdravko Colic. Marija Šerifovic won the Eurovision Song Contest 2007; Serbia was the host of the 2008 contest.

There are also numerous hip-hop bands and artists, mostly from the suburbs of Belgrade: GRU, 187, C-Ya, Beogradski Sindikat.

Ethnic Serbian emigrants have brought their musical traditions to countries like Canada and the United States. The Cleveland, Ohio area has a large Serbian population, and a Serbian rock scene.Canada have itself lot of rock bands from ex Yugoslavia (By pass , Crveni Bombarder has 1 cd,Srcani udar 2 cd etc).

Turbofolk (Narodna Muzika)

In the modern era, Serbia has been dominated by a succession of Yugoslav states until recently becoming independent as a part of Serbia and Montenegro. There was Yugoslav popular music which was well-known in Serbia, and abroad, and later, in the chaos of the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, turbo-folk became popular. Ethnic Serbian emigrants have brought their musical traditions to countries like Canada and the United States. ..Other manifestations of emigrant Serbian music include the Kolo,Akademija Marcetic,Oplenac ensemble from Canada, the Rastko ensemble from New York City and the Grachanica ensemble from Boston, Massachusetts.

Novokomponovana narodna muzika can be seen as a result of the urbanization of folk music. In its early times, it had a professional approach to performance, uses accordion and clarinet and typically includes love songs or other simple lyrics (though there have long been royalist, anti-Communist and democratic lyrical themes persisting underground). Many of the narodna muzika genre's best performers also play forms imported from even further abroad. These include Šaban Šaulic, Toma Zdravkovic, Silvana Armenulic and Mile Kitic. At a later stage, the popular performers such as Vesna Zmijanac,Lepa Brena , Dragana Mirkovicwere using more influences from pop music, oriental music, and other genres, which ultimatively led to explosion of turbo-folk.

The era of turbo-folk took place during the war and crisis of 1990s. Turbo-folk used Serbian folk and novokomponovana narodna muzika as the basis, and adding influences from rock and roll, soul, house and UK garage. Turbo-folk is aggressive and swift, and includes popular performers like Ceca ,Seka Aleksic and Jelena Karleuša. Some musicians used their music to protest against Miloševic during the 1990s, such as the Rimtutituki project.Famous nationalist artist is Baja Mali Knindža .

Balkan Brass Bands (Trubaci)

Brass bands are extremely popular, especially in southern and central Serbia. This brass-band tradition is a specifically Serbian one, born of a culture that has spent almost its entire existence either at war or in subjugation. The music began in 1804, when the trumpet first came to Serbia during the Karageorge uprising, in which a Serbian patriot known as Black George led a revolt against the Turkish occupation of 400 years. Though it was a military instrument to wake and gather soldiers and announce battles, the trumpet took on the role of entertainment during downtime, as soldiers used it to transpose popular folk songs. When war ended and they returned to their hometowns, the music entered civilian life. Eventually, Gypsies adopted the tradition, adding more complicated rhythms and melodies and creating two schools: the more subtle and melodic west Serbian bands and the more complex and danceable Gypsy-blooded South Serbian orchestras.

The best known Serbian Brass musicians are; Fejat Sejdic, Bakija Bakic and Boban Markovic orchestra and are also the biggest names in the world of modern brass band bandleaders.Saban Bajramovic is the famous gypsi singer who perform with lot of brass bands.There is also a big festival in Guca every year with at least 300.000 of visitors from all over the world.

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